Ukraine Bans Own Eurovision Contest Winner In Russia Spat (Video)

Credit - MARUV – Siren Song (Bang!)

This year’s Eurovision contest, to be held in Israel in the month of May, is getting more political by the day.

Whereas this weekend France urged the Israeli TV network not to air a 3-part comedy show about a hypothetical French gay Eurovision participant who later turns out to be a terrorist as that could be hurtful to their contestant who happens to be …. a gay Muslim French singer, this time it was the tension between Russia and Ukraine that set things alight.

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Maruv, a famous singer in Ukraine known for her ‘risky’ stage outfits, won the official Eurovision selection contest in Ukraine this weekend and would thus be sent to Israel to represent her country.

However, given her fame both in Russia and Ukraine, the singer was scheduled to perform in Russia as well over the next few months, something the Ukrainian government was not too keen on.

Ukraine’s national broadcaster therefore asked the singer to scrap her upcoming (and very lucrative) Russian tour if she wanted to perform in Israel. Maruv refused and posted a message on Facebook.

“I am a citizen of Ukraine, pay taxes and sincerely love Ukraine,” she wrote on Facebook.

“But I am not ready to address [people] with slogans, turning my participation in the contest into the promotion of our politicians. I am a musician, rather than a bat at the political stage.”

The star, whose song has been watched 6.8 million times on YouTube, added: “I sincerely thank and appreciate everyone who believed in me and voted. I ask you to accept this situation and not to take a confrontational path.”

It is unclear who Ukraine will send.


Picture credit: Screenshot Youtube Eurovision


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