Young Florida Criminals ‘Get It On’ In Police Car, Officer Plays Barry White (Video)

Credit - Youtube Screenshot User 'MyNews'

The ride to a Florida police station did not exactly become a sad moment for a young couple of shoplifters as the police officer transporting them gave them ‘a helping hand.’

Seeing that the lovebirds in the backseat couldn’t get their hands off each other, the officer played Bruno Mars (Just the way you are) and Barry White (Can’t get enough of your love) for them.

Camera images show that that two indeed ‘got it on’ and were even allowed to smoke afterwards. Police officer Doug McNeal has now been suspended for twenty days after the video went public.

The theft occurred at a Walmart department store in Fort Pierce, where a 23-year-old man and his 24-year-old friend had been caught stealing a few jewels. McNeal picked them up and drove them to the police station.

Source: Youtube ‘MyNews’

Picture: Screenshot Youtube User ‘MyNews’

(Disclaimer: I listened to Barry White while writing this)


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