70,000 Australians Urge C**t ‘Wedding Expert’ Be Fired Immediately! (Video)

Credit - Twitter @KIIS1065

‘Married At First Sight Australia’ is all people talk about ‘down under’ these days. So much so, that viewers have started an online petition to get a ‘wedding expert,’ known as Ms Mel Schilling, fired from the show as they feel the woman’s professionalism has been overtaken by her own emotions.

During one of her last conversations with participant Bronson she lost her professionalism and let herself be carried away by her own emotions. Bronson had been matched with Ines, but the two immediately realized that there was no question of a click.

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Then Ines fell for Sam, another participant from the show. In the end, they would rather try to fall in love together than with their supposed match from the program.

“I wanted to fall in love. I just did not expect that I would be saddled with … that, “said Ines about her original matchup during her conversation with the ‘wedding experts.’

(the interesting part is as from 4 minutes into the video where two of the contestants are simply hurling abuse at each other).

“If anybody wants to give me his husband here, please. I can not even be with Bronson in the same room. And I do not even want him to touch me! ”

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Bronson made an attempt to defend himself: “I tried the first three days. Really tried “, he confessed. “When Ines is in a good mood, she is great. Then she has such a loving personality. But when that reverses she is just Jekyll & Hyde, and you never know how she will react. We filled out the questionnaires, which made for a super nice evening. But the next morning the c**t in her surfaced.”

The whole conversation just descended into a shout-out of insults with F-words and C-words being bleeped on both sides.

To the viewers surprise, wedding expert Mel Schilling then only lectured Bronson Norrish over his use of the C-word but fans feel she failed to address Ines Basic’s ‘abusive’ behaviour, sparking a fan backlash.

By now, 70,000 Australian TV viewers have signed a petition to have the ‘expert’ fired, realizing that the TV producers are eager to let their ‘original matchups’ get together again, something they don’t want.

Source: https://www.change.org/p/channel-nine-mel-schilling-from-married-at-first-sight-sacked-or-proper-apology?signed=true

Picture credit: Twitter @KIIS1065


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