Scandal As Vladimir Putin’s Spokesman Daughter Interns In European Parliament

Credit - Instagram Elizaveta Peskova

The daughter of Vladimir Putin’s spokesman is doing an interning job. Nothing surprising you would say, were it not that one of Putin’s closest confidants now has a family member working for …. the European parliament.

Yes, since this week the 21-year-old ravishing blonde known as Miss Elizaveta Peskova can be seen walking the hallways of the European Parliament in Brussels, the same place Russia despises.

“This is about my daughter. It is not about my duties and my job,” Peskov said when asked about the issue in a daily Kremlin briefing this week.

Of course there is no law forbidding the French politician Mr Aymeric Chauprade, who works for the party of French former Presidential candidate Ms Marine Le Pen, from hiring her, but some of his colleagues find it quite inappropriate that someone who is so close to the Russian President is able to walk the hallways of the heart of European political power.

Source :

Picture Credit : Instagram Elizaveta Peskova


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