Argentinean Playboy Model Turned Whistle-blower Found Dead In Suspicious Circumstances

Credit - Instagram NatJaitt

41-year-old Natacha Jaitt, a former Playboy model from Argentina, was found dead in a nightclub in Buenos Aires over the weekend. The model feared for her life after announcing several names of Argentinian politicians and journalists in a pedophile scandal last year during a television show.

The Argentinian ex-model has received death threats since last year after linking some names of politicians and journalists to a pedophilia case. That happened live during a show on Argentine television. Since then Jaitt feared for her life, as she made clear in an alarming message on Twitter recently.

“This is a warning. I’m not going to commit suicide. I would never take an overdose of cocaine, drown myself in the bath or shoot myself. If this were to happen, then I would not be the culprit. ” had Jaid said. Her fear became reality on Saturday night, however.

Jaitt enjoyed a night out this Saturday together with a friend, Raul Duarte, at Club Xanadu in Buenos Aires. The two lost sight of each other after a few drinks in the festivities. When Jaitt did not respond to text messages from Duarte, the man decided to look for her among the revelers.

Eventually he found his girlfriend around 1.30 am. Jaitt lay naked in bed in a small room, where the owner of the club sometimes slept after a hard night. The model did not breathe or move anymore. The 49-year-old man immediately alerted the emergency services, but all help came too late for his best friend.


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