Fighting Egyptian Train Conductors Cause Disaster That Kills 25 (Shock Video)

Credit - Mockup

The rivalry between two local Cairo train conductors is what killed 25 and wounded 47 other people yesterday in Egypt.

According to the Egyptian public prosecutor Mr Nabil Sadek, researchers found that the diesel locomotive driver got out off his vehicle to quarrel with another train driver whose train blocked the track. However, the man forgot to put the locomotive on the handbrake.

When the other train drove away, the locomotive was released again and the downhill track made it go even faster. With great speed the vehicle then crashed against the station. The explosion was great and hit many people waiting on their train on the platform.

On surveillance footage you can see how train passengers are engulfed in a sea of flames and smoke.

At least 25 people were killed. Some of them had to be identified by their DNA, their bodies were burned unrecognizably. Of the 47 wounded, many are in serious distress. It is therefore expected that the death toll will rise.

The engine driver of the locomotive has been interrogated. The investigation into the disaster is in full swing.

Prime Minister Mustafa Madbouli said that those responsible for the disaster will be severely punished.




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