Girlfriend Gets Drunk At Man’s Work Presentation, Then Asks Co-Workers If They Want To …

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A hilarious tale has once again hit the stands of Reddit’s Am I the Asshole forum. it is the tale of how a young man saw his work presentation turn into a disaster after his girlfriend, whom he had explicitly asked not to embarrass him, asked her co-worker in a drunken state if ‘they could resist her body.’

Here’s the tale in full: “Am I the asshole for essentially breaking up with my ex-girlfriend because she didn’t behave at a gathering?”

“I couldn’t think of a better, more neutral way of putting it, but that’s essentially what yeah.”

“I dated her for about 3 months. She was really gorgeous, confident and free spirited. I loved how silly and bold she was, it was something that made her really unique in my book. This whole thing happened a month ago. I had a really, really big presentation and I got really tensed. I had the opportunity to invite my girlfriend to the function, and so I did, on the condition that she would not embarrass me and not drink, because she had a habit of drinking a lot during such occasions and losing control.”

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“Well, turns out she made fun of me just because she thought it was hilarious. She burped loudly when I was talking to my co workers, and told about how I didn’t even have sex because of the stress. She proceeded to ask my coworkers if they could resist her body. They were obviously uncomfortable too. The presentation ultimately went horribly bad at first because she kept making stupid silly faces backstage, but then I just ignored her for the rest of the night and all went well.”

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“First thing I did when we sat in the car was saying I was breaking up with her that night, she told me she was just trying to lighten my mood. I refused to let her touch me then, and dropped her off to her building. She said she wasn’t going to go till we sorted out the issue, I just told her to get out. Then I gave her a text message saying I was sorry for being rude to her but we weren’t compatible, and to just move on with her life.”

“Fast forward to today, I bumped into a friend of hers who said that I had been an asshole for her to break up with her for being ‘silly’ at a gathering, and that no one could believe I turned out to be such a jerk.”

“Now I am already seeing someone, but this interaction made me question if I had indeed been a jerk. An unbiased opinion would help.”

Source: Reddit Am I The Asshole Forum

Picture credit: Pixabay Free Photo



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