Violent Mexican Cartel War Leaked To Internet Showing ‘Sicario Squad’ Killing Rival Gang (Shock Video)

Credit - Youtube

The Mexican cartels have gone full ‘GoPro’ as they are now apparently filming their own hit squad assassination attempts and then spreading them onto the internet.

Two videos, a short and long version, have by now made their way to the internet showing the Santa Rosa de Lima Cartel attacking the New Jalisco Generation Cartel in a gruesome shootout for control.

The video was first published by Mexican newspaper La Vanguardia. There are other versions on social media as well.

The man leading the assault records the moment the group drives up to an auto body shop in Guanajuato and kills five men. The video is quite graphic and shows shooting and several murders.

The video footage was shared by the cartel on social media.

Apparently the attack took place on 5 February. Police reported they found 5 bodies at the site.


Screenshot Youtube User Vanguardia MX


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