‘Alex Jones’ Voice Impersonator Thrown Off US Bound Flight (Video)

Credit - clip

A man was thrown off a flight over wanting to (according to his rant), wait for it, shake the hand of a fellow flyer. With a threatening voice that could have fooled me for an Alex Jones impersonation, the towering figure is seen making his way towards fellow passengers, shouting threateningly: ‘I just wanna shake his hand.’

Mr Nikita Groz filmed the incident as he was waiting for his flight to New York leaving from Sheremetyevo Airport in Moscow when he spotted a fellow American 15 rows in front of him.

The man in front suddenly becomes annoyed and storms towards the couple standing in the aisle, shouting ‘I’m going to shake your hand’ repeatedly.

The pilot then steps in between the two parties. However, this also doesn’t stop the other man as he continues to shout: ‘I want to shake his hand’ before calling somebody a ‘stupid son of a bi**h’.

Source: Youtube User Aviation, Travel #Hub



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