Canadian PM Trudeau’s Reputation Wrecked (Video)

Credit - Flickr Free Photo

Just in the year that his re-election is at stake, the reputation of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau lies in ruins. Because the man who was labelled by the MSM as a modern, transparent leader who does not play dirty political games, has apparently tried to keep a big Canadian company safe from a major corruption scandal.

At least that’s what his former minister of justice, Jody Wilson-Raybould, claims. According to her, Trudeau’s senior employees repeatedly pressured her in an intimidating way last year not to prosecute the large construction company, SNC-Lavalin, but to reach a settlement.

She even received “hidden threats,” she said on Wednesday evening in the Canadian parliament, where she explained the case for the first time.

Trudeau admits that he has ‘emphasized the importance of employment’ in conversations with Wilson-Raybould on the issue.

But he denies that he has intervened in her authority as minister of justice, who can decide independently to initiate prosecutions. In a rearrangement of cabinet posts earlier this year, however, Wilson-Raybould was downvoted to minister of veterans affairs. Not long after that she left.

With Macron down in France and Canada’s Trudeau in tatters, it is unclear which so-called ‘liberal world leader’ the Democrats will want to compare themselves with in the coming electoral season.

Picture source: Flickr Free Photo


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