#ResurrectionChallenge – South African ‘Resurrection’ Goes Viral (Video)

Credit - Pastor Alph Lukua

Pastor Alph Lukau performed a ‘miracle’ in South Africa earlier this week waking up an apparent ‘dead man.’

Three funeral parlors have however launched complaints against the practice of the pastor after they fear reputational damage for having delivered a hearse, a casket and sheets. Furthermore, even though many after having seen the video are convinced it’s an apparent ‘stunt’ or hoax, there are just as many South Africans who believe the man has actually performed a miracle.

The video itself keeps popping up on youtube before moderators decide to take it down again.

The ‘miracle’ has led to a challenge called the #ResurrectionChallenge in which youngsters try to act out what the pastor did earlier this week in an original manner.

South African media and Church authorities have asked the pastor for clarification, but the man continues to insist that he has ‘performed a miracle that God had already started.’

Source: https://ewn.co.za/2019/03/01/alleluia-rejects-miraculous-resurrection-claims


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