Surprised Austrian Skier Caught During Illegal Blood Transfusion (Video)

Credit - NRK Norway

Max Hauke is going to become famous. The Austrian skier was namely the first to get caught during a doping check by police as he is in the middle of …. an illegal blood transfusion.

In the video hereunder you can see the embarrassed Nordic skier sitting in his hotel room with the needle stuck in his arm as new blood is being pumped into his veins.

Of course, everyone in duration sports knows that blood doping is an issue, but this is one of the first times that an athlete is caught in the act. For Mr Hauke it is even worse as with these images and video going viral, there is no use denying any of it. As the transfusion is ongoing as the police enters his room there is no escape.

It would appear that an Austrian skier, named Dominik Baldauf, was also caught in the act, although there are no images of that.


Picture Credit: NRK Norway



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