Alien-Like Giant Fish Find On California Beach Baffles Scientists

Credit - Twitter @zyiteblog

A month ago, Japan was captured by the rare sighting of a dead Oarfish, seen as an omen that something strange was going on in the oceans.

In Japanese legends, any sightings of these fish, who live deep down in the oceans without ever coming up, was foretelling that a great disaster was about to take place.

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Now, on the other side of the Pacific Ocean, a very rare alien-like giant fish thought to live only in the southern hemisphere washed up in Santa Barbara, California.

The seven-foot hoodwinker sunfish baffles scientists all over the planet, who wonder why the creature has wandered so far from its natural habitat.

Photos of the giant fish first appeared on the Coal Oil Point Facebook page.

Source: Bellingham Herald

Picture credit: Twitter @zyiteblog


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