Conservatives Graffiti Ocasio-Cortez Cutout With ‘Pendeja’ (Idiot)

Credit - Twitter @blrshepherd

The battle lines between Democrats and Republicans are being drawn ever deeper. Whereas Democrats on the far left are urging the more moderate ones in their own party to stop voting with Republicans, the conservative youngsters are becoming more vocal as well.

All this will probably make for a very interesting and feisty Democratic primary.

However, if the Democrats would really want the whole country watching them to see who will face off against President Trump in next year’s Presidential election, all they would need to do is allow Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez to run as well.

The despise by conservatives for the Bronx congresswoman was shown once again at a Turning Point USA gathering during CPAC where a life-sized cardboard cutout of AOC turned out to be the only one not making it through the night without getting vandalized.

By the morning, someone had written ‘Annie Bronx’ and even ‘Pendeja’ (Spanish for idiot) on her face. The term is considered highly offensive for Latinos.

As said, battle lines in the sand being drawn ever deeper.


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