‘Dyson Gang’ Vacuumed $200k Out Of London Parking Meters

Pixabay Free Photo

Local authorities in the London district of Kensington and Chelsea have been alarmed by vacuum cleaner gangs who have stolen some 200,000 dollars in change from parking meters over the past year.

It is not a matter of keeping a wireless Dyson in front of the slot. The thieves drill a small hole in the parking meter, put the vacuum cleaner hose in the hole and suck the money out. The city council of both districts asks people not to use cash to park anymore and pay with a credit card instead.

The Council spokesman, Will Pascall explained: “it’s a trend that we have to stop and motorists who no longer use cash are the simplest solution.”

The theft of change from parking meters is common around the world, but the vacuum cleaner method was not yet known.

Source: https://www.ad.nl/auto/dyson-bende-rooft-parkeermeters-leeg-met-stofzuiger~a7a5ef7b/

Picture credit : Pixabay Free Photo


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