Famke Janssen Dubbed New ‘Superhero Queen Of Botox’

Credit - Twitter @RondiniSandra

Former X-Men star Famke Janssen was spotted in London this week looking more like the ‘Botox catwoman’ than herself. Foreign media are quite certain that the Dutch actress had some ‘help’ to resist the aging process as the 54-year-old didn’t quite look her normal self.

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The actress, once popular in movies like X-Men, Taken and series like Nip/Tuck and The Blacklist is only one of many actresses that seem to have trouble accepting nature.

Back in 2012, when asked if she ever had used plastic surgery, the actress insisted that ‘you can try and fight the aging process, but you will lose anyway. Furthermore, plastic surgery doesn’t make people younger, just stranger.’

Well said.


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  1. This article is ridiculous. Famke Janssen is beautiful and brilliant regardless. Write something intelligent about her work and her talent instead of picking at her appearance because you don’t have anything interesting to say.


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