Maryville ‘Dinner Delivered’ Employee Dipped ‘Testicles In Salsa’ Before Delivery

Credit - Wikimedia Commons

A while ago I found out that Uber customers also have ratings. This may not come as a surprise to you, but to me it did. I assumed that only drivers had a rating and thus asked my chauffeur about it. He told me that customers with anything lower than a 4.4 (out of 5) were simply not picked up anymore as drivers knew they were dealing with a ‘difficult customer’.

One can only wonder what was the rating of the female customer that Mr Howard Matthew Webb of ‘Dinner Delivered’ had to service on January 12th of this year. Must have been pretty low as Mr Webb knew beforehand that she was a ‘low tipper’ and thus decided to make a film in which he was seen ‘placing his testicles in a salsa container’ which he then afterwards delivered to the customer.

Maryville police arrested Webb on Friday after the video spread. The charge was “adulteration of food, liquids or pharmaceuticals,” a Class C felony.

Maryville Police Department investigator Rod Fernandez declared: “Webb produced a video showing Webb placing his testicles in a salsa container and (the driver) is heard laughing and stating, ‘This is what you get when you give an 89-cent tip for an almost 30-minute drive.”


Picture credit : wikimedia commons


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