Bernie Sanders Newest Spokeswoman Is An Illegal Immigrant

Credit - Facebook Belen Sisa

In order to stand out among the far-left in a crowded Democratic field, Senator Bernie Sanders seems to be prepared to break boundaries. Preaching socialism, the veteran politician claims to be the defender of illegal immigrants. Given that his newest spokeswoman is a 25-year-old illegal immigrant who remains in the US under the DACA deal, he’s certainly putting his money where his mouth is.

“This is really emotional for me. I can’t help but think of 18-year-old Belén, who felt hopeless and powerless to the anti-immigrant attacks and policies that were holding her back from her dreams,” Belén Sisa, Mr Sanders’ newest spokeswoman claimed when she announced her new job on Facebook.

“I can’t help but think of the generations of sacrifice my family has had to do for me to get here. Never in our wildest dreams did we think I’d be making moves like these.”


Picture credit : Facebook Belen Sisa


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  1. Deport her, arrest him for HARBORING an Illegal.
    Bernie the Socialist is a multi-millionaire and owns three homes:
    A one-bedroom, 1½ bathrooms single-family home in Washington, DC, estimated by Zillow at $644,463.
    A 4-beds, 2-baths home in Burlington, VT, estimated by Zillow at $415,489.
    A $600,000 lakefront summer home in North Hero, Vermont, which Bernie purchased five days after the 2016 Democratic National Convention in which he sold out his supporters by enthusiastically endorsing Hillary Clinton.
    A $140,000 Audi sports car
    Does Bernie the Socialist pay ALL his housekeepers $15/hour MINIMUM?!
    Does Bernie the Socialist invite Homeless and ILlegals to live in his excessive housing
    HOW did Bernie accumulate $MILLION$ working as a “public servant”?
    A millionaire socialist who owns 3 homes and drives a $140,000 sports car. Only in America!
    Sanders stammers when asked about when he’ll release his ‘very boring’ tax returns Bernie Sanders will release his “very boring tax returns” sometime soon, in the future, just not right now. The socialist senator from Vermont owns several homes and has inked lucrative book deals in recent years, despite his heated rhetoric about evil rich Americans who allegedly don’t pay their fair share.
    he was kicked out of a commune for not helping with the work.
    Sanders’ 2017 Senate financial disclosure, filed last May, shows he inked several lucrative book deals about his socialist policies that have totaled nearly seven figures annually in recent years.
    It’s impossible to tell exactly what Sanders is worth because loopholes in federal disclosures allow politicians to exempt things like the value of a primary residence or certain personal possessions. The reporting system also lets lawmakers report broad ranges for their assets, making it difficult to tell what they’re really worth. Most of Sanders’ money and assets are LISTED IN HIS WIFE’S NAME.
    What is for certain is Sanders’ financial forms shows he has between $150,000 and $350,000 in cash in the bank, and three different high-dollar homes. The residences include a $600,000 vacation home in Vermont’s swanky Champlain Islands, a half-million dollar row house three blocks from the Capitol, and a home in Burlington worth between $100,000 and $250,000.
    To put it in perspective, Sanders’ book deals combined with his six-figure taxpayer funded salary amounts to about $1 million a year, or roughly 1700 percent more than the median household income of his constituents in Vermont.


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