Father (45) Starts Dating Son’s Ex Girlfriend (24) And Calls To Say …

Screenshot No Strings Attached (2011)

A 25-year-old has shared his real-life experience of going through the Ashton Kutcher happening in the movie ‘No Strings Attached’

In that 2011 movie directed by Ivan Reitman, the character played by Ashton Kutcher finds out that his father, played by Kevin Kline, started dating his ex. Such a situation may seem like a good beginning for a RomCom but is not really a fantasy it now appears. Here’s the story submitted by an unknown man on Reddit today:

“I (25) dated this girl (24), lets call her Betty, all throughout high school and our freshman year of college. We tried making it work but I went out of state for college and she went to a school two hours from our hometown, we eventually called it quits. Five years is a long time to be invested in someone especially at such a young age. Which is one of the reasons we decided we should remain friends. Also our families had been good friends since Betty and I were in third grade so it was nearly impossible to completely cut ties. All in all it was a relatively healthy break up.”

“Fast forward about four years, Betty and I both graduated college. I stayed in the town I went to college to work while Betty decided to move back to our hometown to work. Betty had remained close with my family and would visit them often since she lived right in town. Our parents continued their weekly gamenights. Betty and I talked occasionally but mostly kept up with each others lives via Facebook.”

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“That same year Betty’s mother (48F) passed away unexpectedly. My family was being extremely supportive and I was doing my best to support her from a thousand miles away. My father goes on business trips all around the United States. So a couple of months after Betty’s mother passed away my father (45) decided it would help Betty if she went on a trip to NYC with him. My little sisters (12) went with them so nothing seemed out of the ordinary. When they got back everything seemed normal but about a month later is when everything came out.”

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“My father decided that the best way to tell my mother (45) that he was divorcing her was to take her out to dinner with the pastor of their church and tell her in a public place. I think he did this intentionally so she didn’t freak out at him when he told her he was leaving her for her son’s twenty-four year old ex girlfriend. As soon as he told her, he left the resturant, went home to tell my sisters he was leaving then packed some clothes and left. He had admitted that his relationship with Betty had started almost a year prior to Betty’s mother passing away. So no, he didn’t take advantage of a grieving woman.”

“Now lets fast forward roughly eight months (nobody has seen or heard from my father since he left) I get a call from him. Turns out that Betty got pregnant on their trip to NYC and is due to give birth any day. My mind was blown, as if it wasn’t bad enough that he was with Betty now he’s starting a family with her. I couldn’t even think of anything to say to him so I mumbled something about needed to take my dog for a walk and hung up the phone.”

“Now I haven’t spoken to my father since that day and that entire side of my family has quit talking to me. Including my own grandparents. Even the people from my hometown are supportive of my father and Betty’s relationship. So am I the asshole?”

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/AmItheAsshole/comments/awo7ho/aita_for_not_accepting_my_fathers_relationship/

Picture credit : Screenshot No Strings Attached


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