Hundreds Of Migrants Storm Calais Harbor, 50 Board Ferry To UK

Credit - Twitter @bill_ravotti

Police reported that about 100 migrants invaded the port of Calais, in northern France yesterday. Some fifty of them managed to climb aboard a ferry heading for the UK. At least 44 migrants were arrested. According to unofficial reports on social media, the actual figures were far higher. The shipping companies had to pause their operations for a few hours.

The migrants, who hope to reach the United Kingdom via the port, entered the port between a quarter past nine and half past nine in the evening.

“About 50 of them managed to climb a ferry that came from Dover and had just been moored,” said the French coast guard. “Two migrants fell into the water and were quickly caught by the fire brigade.”

Security forces searched the various ferries in the Calais for hours looking for intruders. Around a quarter to one at night, a dozen people were still aboard the ship, near the engine rooms.

There were hundreds of tourists on board, French, British and Belgian, and truckers.

Shipping traffic in the port was temporarily interrupted. Ferries from shipping company P & O and DFDS, operating on the Canal from and to Calais, could not reach France.


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