New Yorker Fakes Kidnapping To Escape Lost Super Bowl Bet

Credit - Wikimedia Commons

A sixty-year-old man from the state of New York went quite far last week to avoid having to spend $50,000 in the context of a lost Super Bowl bet: he falsely staged his own abduction and appointed the creditors as the kidnappers.

Police officers found Robert Brandel tied down and with a rope around his neck in his own pick-up truck near Buffalo, in western New York last week.

The man told them that on Monday he picked up two men with whom he had made a bet on the Super Bowl. But the duo appeared armed, robbed him of $ 16,000 and forced him to drive around with them for two days in his car before they left him tied up in a parking lot, he claimed.

Given his calmness and the fact that he was clean shave after having spent two days tied up according to his story, police suspected something was wrong with his story.

“Further research and interrogations showed that his extensive story was invented”, it says in a police statement. The police now assume that the man invented the kidnapping to escape the payout of $ 50,000, an amount he owed after losing an online group bet.

“Someone who was kidnapped and experienced something like that would normally have a very high heart rate, be worried and depressed. There should be a lot of emotions coming up,” Officer James O’Callaghan told the local television channel WKBW.”

“He had devised a few different ways to make money, but that ultimately failed. And now he cannot pay that money to the people who ultimately won this bet.”


Picture credit: Wikimedia Commons



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