‘Absolute Miracle’ As Young Girls Survive Two Days California Wilderness (Video)

Credit - Humboldt County Sheriff

Two sisters aged 5 and 8 survived for almost two days in the wilderness of Northern California. The girls disappeared after walking in the woods near their house. “It is an absolute wonder that they have survived,” said sheriff William Honsal of Humboldt County. “It is a pretty rough area. That they have kept going for 44 hours is incredible. ”

Eight-year-old Leia Carrico and her sister Caroline of five were missing since Friday. On Sunday they were recovered in good health thanks to a trail of granola bars that they left behind.

The girls have been able to survive their perilous adventure safely thanks to the survival lessons they received at the local youth club.

Friday, just after 2.30pm, they decided to go for a walk, something that they were normally not allowed to do without their mother.

When, after a vain search of friends, neighbors and family at 6 pm, they had not yet been found, the worried mother alarmed the police. Immediately a large-scale search was set up to find Leia and Caroline again.

“A fire brigade commander and firefighter from a local volunteer department eventually found Leia and Caroline Carrico in the forest about one kilometer from their home,” said sheriff William Honsal.

Footprints of the boots helped the emergency services track down the adventurous sisters. But in the end it was the wrappings of granola bars that led to the precise location of the two girls.

Source: http://kymkemp.com/2019/03/03/hugs-and-kisses-leia-and-caroline-carrico-back-home-with-mom-and-dad/


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