Daily Show Host Noah Slammed For ‘Racist’ Remarks Over ‘Entertaining’ Pakistan-India War (Video)



Daily Show host Mr Trevor Noah (who is South African) has been slammed online by thousands of Indian social media commenters for making fun out of a possible war between the nuclear nations India and Pakistan.


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Mr Noah, who has since apologized for the joke, made fun of the possible Bollywood-style of the Indian army and claimed that the war would be ‘the longest ever’ because of the many dance interruptions.

Indians who saw their families stuck because of the closure of airspace between the two nations last week didn’t not find his comments very funny and blasted him online.

It is not the first time the Daily Show host has come under fire for possible ‘racist’ remarks.

Last year he received a letter from the French ambassador in the US after having joked about how ‘Africa won the world cup’ given that many French players originated from the many former African colonies of the European nation.

Source: https://preview.msn.com/en-us/video/watch/trevor-noah-jokes-about-tensions-between-india-and-pakistan/vp-BBUljhU


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