Estonia Elections See Nationalists Surge To 18%

Youtube Screenshot User Torsakas Veli

If the elections in the small EU nation Estonia are anything to go by as an indicator for the upcoming European elections in May, then the ruling political parties are in for quite a surprise.

Yesterday saw the far-right anti-immigrant party EKRE (the Conservative People’s Party of Estonia) double their vote tally from 9 to 18%, coming third behind the major political parties. Although the other political forces in the country have already declared they will not form a government with EKRE, it is another sign on the wall that populists and nationalists are on the rise in Europe.

The far-right Conservative People’s Party of Estonia (EKRE) called for a referendum on EU membership and wants a ban on immigration.

The party organizes the country’s torch-lit independence day marches every year, shouting ‘Estonia for Estonians.’

The nation is set to get its first female prime minister with Ms Kaja Kallas of the centre-right Reform party. In order to form a government, she will have to form a coalition with multiple other parties to keep the populists out.

Picture credit: Youtube Screenshot User Torsakas Veli.png


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