Ex-Wife Claims De Niro ‘Doesn’t Wash For Days’

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Grace Hightower, the wife of actor Robert De Niro, claims she is no longer able to see (or smell) her soon to be ex-husband. The two announced at the end of November last year that they are divorcing after a marriage of more than twenty years and it seems that it is set to become quite the nasty divorce.

The lawyers of Robert and Grace have been working for a while to make the divorce as pleasant as possible for their clients, especially financially.

The couple owns around 350 million dollars together, but they also own a lot of real estate and own shares in a successful restaurant formula. You will understand that there is much at stake.

Grace has suddenly decided to up the ante and is throwing dirt around about De Niro. Literally that is.


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She claims that the legendary actor lacks personal hygiene. According to official declaration of the woman, De Niro sometimes does not wash for days, which makes his body odor so strong that she has to open the windows of their apartment in New York all the time to ventilate the room.

German tabloid Bild claimed that they had indeed seen the detail in Mr De Niro’s divorce settlement documents.

The actor played the ‘separation game’ in contrast to Grace so far very clean. For example, in November he openly told that Grace is a very good mother to their children.

De Niro hoped, therefore, to ensure that Grace and he could continue to share the custody of their two children, Elliot (20) and Helen (7).

For the actor it is already his second divorce. From 1976 to 1988 he married actress Diahnne Eugenia Abbott with whom he had a son, Raphael (43). Robert also adopted Grace’s daughter Drena (47) from a previous relationship during his marriage to her.

Source: https://www.bild.de/unterhaltung/leute/leute/robert-de-niros-frau-stinkts-schmutzige-scheidung-60444080.bild.html


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  1. Lil’ Bobbie plays a tough guy in movies as he wears his platform shoes and reads lines written by people ten times smarter than he will ever be.


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