New Mexico Police Find 67 Illegal Immigrants In Tiny Shed

Credit - ICE

Human smugglers are going through ever greater lengths to stash as many people as possible in deplorable conditions in the US. One of the latest ICE releases shows how deportation officers and special agents from US Immigration and Customs Enforcement were able to find 67 illegal aliens from Guatemala and Ecuador in this tiny shed and trailer.

The filthy 20-foot by 20-foot wooden shed in addition to a travel trailer provided for minimal food and water and had no working toilet.

Mr Jack P. Staton, special agent in charge of ICE Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) El Paso, commented: “As the deplorable conditions of this stash house demonstrate, transnational criminal organizations (TCOs) have no respect for human life.”

“Human smuggling is a multi-billion-dollar enterprise, and the individuals being smuggled are viewed as cargo by the criminal networks. HSI continues to investigate this organization and will hold them accountable for their illicit activities.”



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