Alabama Students In Shock Footage Suggesting ‘Concentration Camps’

Credit - Facebook

Students from the Spain Park High School in Hoover, Alabama could be seen allover social media in a latest video that has gone viral.

Some of the quotes in the video were: “F*ck n*ggers, f*ck Jews.”

“Jews are fine because they are white.”

“Fine, we just need n*ggers gone.”

“You stick them in concentration camps.”

Social media accounts in Twitter have gone on to name everyone appearing in the video. By now the original footage has been seen more than 1 million times. Even the father of one of the boys and his place of business have already been named.

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On Instagram, where one of the first versions of the video surfaced, the original comment read: “Listen as white students at Spain Park High School in Hoover, Alabama outside of Birmingham talk about how much they want to send n****rs to concentration camps. One brags that he’s glad Jews were sent there then the white woman says she only wants niggers to go to concentration camps and they seem to finally agree on this.”

The footage surfaces less than 24 hours after a Snapchat video of students in California playing ‘swastika’ beer pong also went viral.





  1. So its a drink guy being a dumbass. How is he associated with us Trump supporters who are on a quest currently to decriminalize homosexuality around the world. How about you guys stop trying to slander us and help us save gay people from being killed. O that doesn’t help your narrative. Then how about you just shut up and stop trying to prevent us from doing good.


  2. I love how the Slaver’s Party Activist Bill Madden has so much love for blacks, that he wishes to keep them on the Plantation safe from the Democrat’s terror Arm, the KKK….
    He is magically thinking that one video of some drunk, mouthy kid represent the entirety of the American Youth or the Republican Party. Democrats have the Black Panther’s, the KKK, and Antifa. They yell for Police to be killed and socialist distribution to start.

    Won’t Bill be surprised as the number of minorities continue to grow and vote Republican? I think he will.


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