Argentina Coast Guard Shoots Chinese Fishing Boat Which Sinks (Raw Video)

Credit - Screenshot Wion News

Some incredible video has surfaced of an event that took place near the Argentinean coast over the weekend. It seems not all countries in the world are agreeing with Chinese supremacy of the seas.

In this video, you can see how the Argentinean Coast guard repeatedly warns a Chinese vessel that it is fishing illegally in their coastal waters.

Over the radio, the Argentineans can be heard saying: “Hua Xiang 801, Hua Xiang 801, this is the Argentine Coast Guard. We’re prepared to open fire on you” before they actually do so. The Chinese tried to evade and escape to international waters but their ship eventually sunk according to reporting from Wionews.

The event took place on Saturday 2 March. The Chinese ambassador in Argentina is warning the coast guard that it expects their countrymen, who were picked up by the Argentinians afterwards, to be well treated.

Source and Picture credit: Youtube User Wionews


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