Hecklers At PM Trudeau Rally As Support For Liberals Plummets (Video)

Credit - Youtube GlobalNewsCa

With Macron’s popularity in the doldrums, Canadian PM Trudeau is the last of the liberal darlings still left standing in a world leaning further and further to either the far left or the far right. In most major western nations, centrists are suffering.

And how long can Trudeau cling on? That question is worth posing after he saw himself repeatedly heckled at an election rally whilst trying to downplay the departure of yet another minister from his government over a corruption scandal that is only widening.

Furthermore, an Ipsos poll today revealed that support for his Liberal government has plummeted now that Canadians are becoming aware of what kind of ‘bending of the law’ Mr Trudeau was willing to go through to get his ‘darling’ companies out of trouble.

Anyone wanting to know how bad it really is, just check the video that the ultra-left The Guardian posted about it: when your greatest supporter tends to think this could bring you down, it might be time to go.

Related coverage: Canadian PM Trudeau’s Reputation Wrecked (Video)

If elections were held tomorrow, the Conservatives would win some 40% of the votes whilst Mr Trudeau’s Liberals would plummet to 31%.



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