James Woods Claims Captain Marvel Producers “Hate Half Its Audience”


Conservative internet voice and legendary actor James Woods jumped into the Captain Marvel ‘diversity’ scandal that has been growing for a few weeks. Internet commenters have claimed that ‘white men’ don’t like the new Captain Marvel movie because it speaks for ‘diversity’ and therefore several among them have claimed that the regular superhero movie audience should ‘sit this one out.’

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Mr Woods repeated the most viral of those comments and claimed that: “when you have a choice, pick a movie where the studio doesn’t hate half its audience.”

He also suggested that moviegoers should pick ‘Alita, Battle Angel’ instead of going to see the new ‘Captain Marvel’ movie.

It comes after RottenTomatoes was blasted online for disallowing movie fans of putting a score for the new superhero flick, in a first for the website.


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