Millionaire Dies In Paris Private Clinic During ‘Penis Enlargement’ Procedure

Well, for anyone who’s ever clicked on an ad promising a ‘penis enlargement’ this will come as comforting news. Firstly, you’re not the only one to do so apparently, and secondly, if the rich and powerful are trying it as well there, the ‘methods’ must be developing.

At a certain point, this will become without risk. Until then, you’ll just have to stick to websites like this to read your news from instead of surfing to anyone carrying those kind of ads.

Israeli-Belgian 65-year-old millionaire and former owner of ‘Omega Diamonds’ Mr Ehud Arye Laniado died on an operating table of a renowned French surgeon this weekend.

The wealthy man, living in the US, was reportedly at the clinic for having a ‘penis enlargement’ and died from a stroke during the procedure when a powerful sedative was apparently injected into his ‘member.’

Police are investigating the manner and have asked why the procedure was performed outside of regular business hours.

The name of the surgeon was not published.

Funny sidenote, the English speaking ‘diamonds’ publications speak of an ‘operation to the abdomen,’ whilst the French have no shame and speak of ‘élargissement du sexe’ (penis enlargement) even in their title.


Picture: Flickr Free Photo


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