18 French Prisons Strike Over Horror Jail ‘Terror Attack’ (Video)


Some 18 French prisons have been blocked by guards who went on strike after two guards were wounded in what the Justice Minister confirmed was a terror attack (see our related coverage).

Both prison guards were left seriously wounded, one with injuries to the thorax, the other to his face, colleagues said.

Related coverage : Pregnant Wife Of Convicted Terrorist Smuggles Knife Into French Prison, 2 Guards Stabbed (Video)

One of the men is in hospital fighting for his life.

The prison guards are fed up with having to handle the many ‘extremist’ inmates and urge the government for action. The Justice Ministry confirms that several hundreds of extremist inmates are normally up for release next year.

Cédric, who works at the prison where the attack took place, declared : ‘It was a bloodbath, pure terror. I think of my colleagues and I know, tomorrow, that could be me.’

The French press is asking why the wife of the terrorist, who was pregnant, was not searched.

Picture credit : Twitter @evnsocial


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