AOC Unleashes Midnight Twitter Raid, Blasting Fellow Democrats, Racism And ‘White Supremacy’

Credit - Wikimedia Commons

New York congresswoman Ms Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, caught in the middle of criticism over her lobbying to get the Amazon HQ out of New York and the alleged mishandling of about 1 million dollars in political donations by her Chief of Staff, went on a midnight twitter rant blasting a class society, racism, the democratic party and ‘white supremacy.’

In a series of subsequent tweets, which started as a reaction to a tweet highlighting that Republican Steve Scalise had suggested that fellow Democrat Ms Ilhan Omar ‘should not be getting intelligence briefings, suggesting she is a mole or otherwise dangerous,’ Ms Ocasio-Cortez stated:

‘If we’re so concerned about implied tropes, why aren’t we concerned about this one? Where was the concern last week when 26 Dems voted for a GOP amendment to expand ICE powers rooted in the racist + false trope that Latino immigrants are more dangerous than US born citizens?’

‘The entire PREMISE of a wall is not based in fact. It’s based in a racist + non-evidence based trope that immigrants are dangerous. Yet some Dems are willing to “compromise” & spend BILLIONS on a trope because we’ve accepted some kinds of racism as realpolitik in America.’

‘None of this is “whataboutism.” Racism and bigotry of all forms is inextricably linked. When you don’t address them as a system and attempt to pick them apart as though they are distinct and separable issues, eventually the thing that gets advanced is white supremacy + classism.’

‘The way we reject the 0-sum idea that some communities win at the cost of others is by using opportunities to address issues intersectionally – to highlight that Antisemitism, Islamophobia, and all bigotry serve the same ends & that we prevent division by championing one another.’

Credit: Twitter @AOC


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