EU Slams Shocking ‘Jewish Carnival Float’ Portrayal Near Brussels (Video)

Credit - Twitter @SaccBY

A spokesperson for the Brussels based European Commission had claimed they will support the two Jewish organisations who wish to file a complaint against the Aalst (20 km outside of the capital Brussels) group  that decided to dress up as pink ‘Jews’ during Carnival this Sunday. Their two carts were shown in live TV coverage for minutes as they danced and portrayed caricatural Jewish features.

The caricature of a groups of Jews were completed with hooked noses, a rat on their shoulders and the typical curly hair.

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Furthermore, the puppets on the cart seemed to be guarding a box with money. The ground on all the carts was covered with gold coins and bags of money

Local Jewish organisations said it was “typical of Nazism of 1939. In a democratic country like Belgium, this has no place in 2019, carnival or not.”

It comes just as there are more sightings of anti-Semitism graffiti both in the Netherlands and France.

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The mayor of Aalst said that during Carnival everyone is made fun of and he didn’t get the commotion.


Picture credit : Twitter @SACCBY


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