Make-Up Artist Shares Incredible Before/After Wedding Looks


Make-up artist Arber Bytyqi is going viral after pictures of his dramatic before and after pictures of Russian brides were shown. The difference between the girls initial look and the end result is truly stunning.

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Arber explained : “When I meet my client, the first question I ask is what kind of occasion are they getting their makeup done for. I also ask my clients if they have any specific requests. For example, if they want a natural or dramatic look.”

“Then I ask them to show me the dress that they are going to wear. The design of the dress and its details reveal the style of the look the client is going for.”

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‘Then, I analyze their facial features.’

“Makeup is like jewelry for the face. Play with colors and shapes. Don’t be afraid to transform yourself. At the end of the day, you can just clean it.”

Soruce :


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