Pregnant Wife Of Convicted Terrorist Smuggles Knife Into French Prison, 2 Guards Stabbed (Video)

Credit - Kiosko Front Page Ouest France Newspaper

More details have emerged from the stabbing of two security guards in a French prison by a convicted terrorist who had sworn allegiance to IS.

It would appear that the 27-year-old Mr Michael Chiolo, who stabbed two guards at the high security Alencon-Conde-sur-Sarthe facility, in Normandy, was helped by his pregnant wife who smuggled in the ceramic knife that helped him to carry out the attack.

As he stabbed the two security guards he could be heard shouting ‘Alluhu Akbar’ – Arabic for ‘God is the Greatest. The prison guards were both transported to nearby hospitals.

Mr Chiolo’s pregnant wife was shot dead by police forces. The terrorist claimed that he was wearing a bomb belt and that his actions were in vengeance for the shooting of Mr Chekatt, the IS terrorist who killed 3 people at the Strasbourg Christmas Market last year.

French Justice Minister Ms Nicole Belloubet commented: ‘The terrorist nature of this attack isn’t in doubt. The anti-terrorist section of the public prosecutor’s office of Paris is involved in the incident.’

Although he was identified as an Islamist extremist who had pledged allegiance to IS, Mr Chiolo was not housed in a secure wing for radicalized inmates which was opened in September.

Back in 2012, he killed an 89-year-old holocaust survivor after having converted to Islam. An extra year was added to his sentence after he had proposed to fellow inmate to re-enact the Paris terrorist attacks.


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The right-wing Ms Marine Le Pen, leader of the Rassemblement National, had repeatedly slammed the French government’s ‘soft’ handling of their extremist inmates.

France will participate in the European elections in May of this year.


Picture credit : Kiosko Front Page Ouest France Newspaper


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