Several Bombs Found At London Airports, Train Station


At the airport of Heathrow, at Waterloo Station and at London City Airport, suspicious packages were found on Tuesday afternoon. According to the anti-terrorist units of the police, they were “small homemade explosives.”

The business airport known as ‘London City’ was shortly evacuated.

On the basis of photos that Sky News received, the packages look like bomb letters. They would have been sent in Ireland.

Three small bomb letters were discovered at various locations in London on Tuesday. The anti-terror unit has started an investigation. Close to London City Airport, Heathrow Airport and Waterloo Station, envelopes were found, with small yellow plastic bags sticking out.

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It were “small improvised explosives” that could cause a fire if opened, according to Scotland Yard. No one was injured and air and rail traffic was not affected.

Internet commenters claim it was a warning from the IRA in case a no-deal Brexit would install a ‘hard border’ again between Ireland and Northern Ireland. The UK’s Brexit deadline is in three weeks from now.

Picture credit: Twitter @Badbreedcom1


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