Arizona Woman ‘Dressed Up As Nun With Bible’ To Smuggle Fentanyl


An Arizona woman named Esther Gomez De Aguilar dressed up as a nun in order to smuggle $90,000 worth of fentanyl.

Ms De Aguilar was arrested together with her husband Mr Jose Aguilar Diaz in Pinal County on Monday.

Police declared that the smuggling couple was stopped on Interstate 10 for suspected equipment and moving violations.

The Sherrif’s department declared that Ms Aguilar ‘dressed like a nun, with a Bible placed in her lap’ in order to avoid being searched. It however made no difference to the Pinal County Sheriff’s Office K-9 who searched their car and found the drugs.

Four bundles of suspected fentanyl pills were found in Ms Aguilar’s purse and an additional two bundles of suspected fentanyl powder on her body, hidden under nun’s clothes.

Sheriff Mark Lamb said in a statement: ‘You can see they will use any means to try to conceal what they are doing.’

‘Fentanyl is extremely dangerous. All it takes is the equivalent of four to five grains the size of sand to kill you. This is another win for the K-9 deputies and we thank them for their efforts in keeping our community and Arizona safe.’


Picture credit: Megan Fox still in ‘The Making of a Saint’


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