‘Extremely Rude’ $900 Balenciaga Hoodie Sold At Harrods – Russian Journalist Informs Text Means …

Credit - Mockup

Balenciaga (a Spanish luxury brand favored by for example former First Lady Michelle Obama and singer Cardi B) is hoping to ease into a wider market.

Their head designer, Mr Demna Gvasalia has therefore presented some hoodies which luxury department store Harrods in London is selling.

The accompanying text for the $900 hoodie claims: “Inspired by the desire to to face and conquer the negative memories surrounding his upbringing in war-torn Sukhumi, Georgia, while also celebrating his love for his native country, Vetements’ Creative Director Demna Gvasalia has created a collection of pieces for Spring/Summer 2019 to capture the message. Printed with Georgian lettering translating to an expletive phrase, this bold hoodie is imbued with signature unapologetic attitude.”

Al very well, until a Russian journalist remarked that it is quite a high amount for a black hoodie that basically says: “Go Fuck Yourself.”

Source: https://www.harrods.com/en-gb/vetements/georgian-slogan-hoodie-p000000000006187063


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