French Media Very Quiet As 100 Cars Burn In Grenoble Teenage Riots (Video)


The major French city of Grenoble has seen four days of intense rioting and cars being torched after two teenagers died during a police chase. The two teens (identified as Adam Soli (17) and Fatih Karakuss (19)) were known to police for petty crime, prosecutors said.

The deaths occurred when, after evading a police check, the two youths then headed for a bridge chased by a police car with its lights flashing.

They then bumped into a bus. The two teens, who were both not wearing a helmet, died immediately.

The prosecutor says it is a ‘regrettable accident’, but in the neighbourhood where the teens live, they claim police brutality.

After a silent march (see hereunder) was held for the youngsters earlier this week, friends of them started rioting and torching vehicles. Molotov cocktails and rocks were thrown to police from the tops of apartment buildings.

Although French media are largely silent on the events (when riots like these happened last time the newspapers would put them on front pages daily), social media claims that so far 100 cars have been burnt in the past four days.

Here is a link to the front pages of the French newspapers today. There is no mention of the riots (which have been going on for 4 days) on the front pages:





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