New Bombs Found From ‘Dead Revenge’ German Gardener

Credit - Atlas Obscura

The German police discovered a new explosive in the investigation into the revenge actions of a now deceased gardener. The bomb was hidden in a carport at a house in the town of Fischbach.

Now that a total of three explosive charges have been discovered – two of them went off, resulting in one dead man and one wounded, the police in the Kaiserslautern region again warns of the ‘invisible danger’.

According to a police spokesman, the revengeful gardener Bernard Graumann has probably hidden more explosives (possibly in postal parcels or in firewood stacks at former customers).

On Sunday, a mother and daughter were injured because an explosive exploded in their wood-burning stove. That was hidden in a piece of wood.

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Earlier this week, the German police also issued a warning for explosives that the gardener might have hidden in people’s gardens. The reason was the death of a doctor who had picked up a disguised explosive in front of his practice which then exploded.

The 59-year-old main suspect, gardener Bernard Graumann, poisoned himself last Friday and is exacting revenge on ‘bad customers’ from beyond the grave.



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