Wealthy Seniors Saved From Spanish ‘House Of Horrors’ Retirement Home

Credit - Flickr Free Photo

Several elderly people were saved by the Spanish ‘Guardia Civil’ from a retirement ‘house of horror’ in Cadiz, Andalusia. The European elders who lived in Spain to spent the last years of their live had been cheated out of money and were held in horrible conditions at a private nursing home. It is furthermore alleged that five other people died under the “care” of a Cuban-German couple who locked up and drugged the residents.



In all, six people working in the retirement home were accused of swindling elderly European people out of hundreds of thousands of euros at a private nursing home officials described as a “house of horrors.”

The total amount of money they took from the elderly citizens for their ‘care’ amounts up to $2 million.

An elderly German man and a Dutch woman were found in a “terrible state,” locked up, drugged and fed with stomach tubes.

The German woman told police the Cuban-German couple had befriended her in Tenerife where she lived and convinced her to come to Chiclana. She told police that once there she was locked up with her hands tied for several months.

“In October, she had more than $200,000 in the bank and after this couple appeared in her life, by mid-December she had under $400, her house in Tenerife had been sold and she didn’t receive €1 of the sale,” the Civil Guard declared in a statement.

Source: https://www.elmundo.es/andalucia/2019/03/07/5c80eb7cfc6c83ae458b45c2.html

Picture: Flickr Free Photo


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