New Zealand PM Gives Boy Who Urged Metallica To Come Free Tickets (Video)

Credit - Twitter @NewsHubNZ

William Bush, a 13-year-old superfan of hard rock band Metallica, urged his favorite music stars to come to his home country New Zealand, as it had been already 9 years since the last time they visited.

7,000 signatures and an online petition later, the group agreed to play a one-off show in Auckland.

In order to thank the young lad for standing up for what he believed in, New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern invited him for a tv interview where she gave him the first two tickets to go and see his favorite band perform.

“We can credit you for the fact they’ve decided to add us to their world tour. Thank you for what you’ve done.

“I am reliably told that your petition actually made a real difference to Metallica and the promoters,” Ms Ardern said.


Picture credit: Twitter @NewsHubNZ


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