Venezuela Claims Electricity Blackout Due To ‘Cyber Attack Masterminded By Marco Rubio’ (Video)

Credit - Twitter @Kingsman_X0936

A cyber attack is at the origin of the severe power outage that still affects parts of Venezuela. This was the claim from the Venezuelan Minister of Information, Mr Jorge Rodriguez on Friday evening local time. He furthermore stated that the attackers were aiming to gain control of the Guri hydroelectric power station, which supplies 80 percent of the country with power.

The Venezuelan government goes a step further and points to Republican American senator Marco Rubio as the mastermind behind the attack.

Mr Rubio is one of the most fierce opponents of the policy of Venezuelan president Nicolas Maduro.

“This is the most brutal attack the Venezuelan people have had to undergo for the past 200 years,” Rodriguez said.

Since Friday evening, the electricity supply has been restored in a number of regions, but other parts of the country are still without power, and that has been the case since Thursday evening. The TV channel Telesur, which belongs to the Venezuelan government, reported Friday evening that the electricity would be restored on Saturday.

According to reports, the current is being restored in the capital Caracas, in the neighboring state of Miranda and in the eastern states. The newspaper El Nacional reports that in some parts of Caracas the electricity is only slowly returning, and that other regions are deprived of it.


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