Young Woman (21) Discovers Parents Moved Her Money Because …

Credit - PX Free Photo (2)

A young woman found out that not having changed bank accounts since she was a student meant that her parents could still see what was going on in her account. When she found out that they had moved money without her permission because she planned a trip to Iceland, she cut off their viewing of her bank account; Here’s her story:

“Parents have access to my bank and credit accounts, make comments about my spending despite my financial independence. Today they crossed a line by moving my money around without my permission. I left and told them I was going to take away their access to my accounts.”

“When I was a student first starting to work, I needed to make a checking account. My parents’ names also went onto the account so they could help me, which meant they could also access my money and track my purchases made with my debit card. When I got a credit card at age 17 to start building my credit before college, they were cosigners to the card, which meant they could also track all spending there.”

“Fast forward 4 years, I’m now 21, a college graduate with a full time salary job, as of November 2018. I’ve been making pretty good money and have been paying all my bills: rent, utilities, car insurance, phone bill, credit card, etc. I still use the same checking and credit account. Mom and Dad can still see my purchases. Every now and then they’ll comment about a detail on my account, like “wow you spend a lot of money on takeout,” “your rent check didnt clear until the 4th, did you not pay it until the last day?” but I didn’t let it bother me too much because at the end of the day I’m paying the bills, not them, so their room for criticism is nonexistent.”

“Until tonight. I’ve been saving money for a trip to Iceland that I leave for tomorrow, so most of my money has been going into my savings account, and my checking account had just enough to pay my March bills in it (with a little leeway to be safe). Today at a family dinner with my younger sister present, as soon as I sat down, they said with a very snide tone, “we went into your savings and made a transfer to your checking account because it was so low. What were you going to do if you were overdrafted?” They didnt notice, I guess, that all my bills were already paid this month, not that its any of their business.”

“Frustrated, because I’m being scolded like some idiot child, I put my head in my hands and said “stop talking about my money.” My sister then said “you have anger issues.” My parents said “You didnt even let us finish telling you what we did.” I kind of cut them off and said “I’m leaving.” Mom said, “good. Then leave.”

“When I got home I texted them saying I wanted to remove their access to my account. Am I the asshole? My sister texted me after I left that I made mom upset, but I’m also upset because I’m still being treated like a child and they’re interfering with my money without my permission.”

“I’m very upset because I’m about to go on a trip out of the country so I can’t properly handle this issue for the next week or so. But as soon as I get back, I have to go to my local branch, with my parents, so they can sign away access… and if they disagree, I have to open new accounts without their names, transfer all my money into them, and open a new credit account as well.”


Picture credit: PX Free Photo


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