#FindBecci – Berlin Police Looking For Missing Young Girl Using Photoshopped Instagram Picture

Credit - PolizeiBerlin

German police are continuing their search for the missing Berlin 15-year-old girl, Rebecca Reusch.

The youngster has been missing since February 18 and is still not found. The police call upon people to provide them with information on Miss Reusch, but doing so strikingly enough with an edited Instagram photo.

In that photo the girl has thicker lips than in real life, and a remarkably clean skin. That leads in German media to the question to what extent the missing Rebecca looks like the photo they have provided. The police have a simple explanation for the fact that this photo being used in the lookout for Rebecca Reusch: they did not get another picture from the family.

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“In this photo she can also be recognized. We depend on the pictures we get from the family, “said a police spokesperson.

“But of course it does not make sense to give us photos that don’t look like the girl herself.”

Her family explains that there are hardly any unedited photos of Rebecca. “Only the photo of her during her Protestant Communion last year,” says her father.

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On the original missing poster that is distributed by the family, you can indeed see a photo in the upper left that does not look like it has been photoshopped.

Meanwhile, her brother-in-law has been arrested. With him, she was together in her sister’s and brother-in-law’s house on Monday morning, February 18th, the Berlin police declared.

They assume that the girl was killed, but have still not found her body.

In the last few days a forest in Storkow, southeast of Berlin, is being searched. Rebecca’s brother-in-law’s car was filmed near the forest the day of her disappearance.

Source: https://www.stern.de/panorama/stern-crime/fall-rebecca-reusch–anklage-auch-ohne-leiche-moeglich—mehr-als-1000-hinweise-8614208.html


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