Is Samsung’s Galaxy S10 The Best 2019 Smartphone? (Video)

Credit - InfoLudic_

It has now been a decade since the first Galaxy phone came out, and that is why – at least according to Samsung itself – a special S10 smartphone is launched onto the world.

This is our first impression of the new device.

In 2017, Apple with its iPhone X went through a serious change in the design. At Samsung the step from the S9 to the S10 is much less big, certainly if we look purely at the shape.

The front of the phone became even more screen, and Samsung did not do that by making a notch in the screen, but by housing the front camera behind a hole in the screen. It is now a triple-lens rear camera that takes ultra-wide photos.

However, just like Apple, the new Samsung comes with a serious price hike and thus the question ultimately: Is it worth it? Time will tell. But whereas most consumers thought last year that Apple’s price hike was crazy, Samsung clearly doesn’t seem to think so.

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With Huawei being blocked from following the other two due to ‘spying’ allegations, Samsung and Apple are clearly running away with he more ‘luxurious’ part of the market.

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Judging by the first reviews, consumers seem ready to embrace Samsung again. But to summarize that it is this year’s best device is probably a bit too soon.

Picture credit: Twitter @infoLudic_


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