San Francisco ICE Officials Share Conspiracy Theories About Ilhan Omar

Credit - Mockup

Several ICE Officials are under scrutiny for sharing and liking conspiracy theories about Democrat Congresswoman Ilhan Omar.

Ms Omar, who has come under scrutiny in the past few days for both anti-semitic remarks over the weekend and accusing President Obama’s ‘pretty face’ as to what led the US to issue drone strikes in Afghanistan be ‘allowed’ during his presidency, is Muslim and was accused in the course of a social media post of being a ‘Trojan Horse’ within the US government.

The post stated: ‘This woman does not belong in Congress. She is a Trojan horse thanks to the refugee outbreak in Minnesota under Obama! She has already stated many dangerous things about our allies and her ideology. She must be removed.”

The post was then like and shared by two federal special agents.

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Leslie Derewonko, a Homeland Security Investigations senior agent, is said to have shared the post, leaving another person to suggest Ms Omar was ‘a terrorist threat’.

The post was then liked by Mr Jerry Templet, a Deputy Special Agent from San Francisco.

It was accompanied by a video that describing the first-term Minnesota congresswoman as someone who ‘took terrorism classes.’




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