Texas Mother Abandons 5 Children During Beach Vacation

A Texas woman left her five children, aged between one and twelve, at home while on vacation in South Carolina. 28-year-old Chrystal Walraven spent four days out of the state , together with a friend. The mother, who is accused of child neglect, risks a prison sentence of twenty years.

According to the local police, Ms Walraven thought that her eldest daughter (12) could take care of the other children “I was only gone for four days”, the young mother told the officers.

Moreover, the neighbors would keep an eye on things. The facts came to light when the eldest daughter at school said she was exhausted, because she had to change the diapers of her little brothers and sisters all night long. The girl told one of the teachers about the absence of her mother, after which the school intervened and the police started an investigation.

When the police arrived at the house, they found the other children in a house that smelled of excrement.

“There were dirty diapers on the floor everywhere and critters crawled on the carpet,” the police declared.

The police contacted Ms Walraven, but she was aware of no harm. ‘I just had to take a break,’ said the woman.

She shrugged off all responsibility and pointed to the neighbors with an accusing finger. They would pay attention to her children, but the neighbors claimed that they had not been informed by the mother.

Ms Walraven was immediately arrested when she arrived back in Texas. She was not allowed to see her children. The five children currently live with their father, who says he did not know that his ex-wife left their sons and daughters alone.

Source: http://www.fox7austin.com/news/local-news/round-rock-police-say-mother-abandoned-five-children-to-visit-myrtle-beach



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