#FakeMelania Conspiracy Sets Internet Alight Again

Credit - Mockup (11 March 2019)

The Fake Melania rumors are once again setting the internet alight. For those of you asleep over tyhe weekend, here’s a recap : in October 2017, as the US’ First Couple visited hurricane struck Puerto Rico, the ‘Fake Melania’ rumors popped up for the first time in greater numbers than they usually did. Whereas some on the fringes of social media had in earlier years pointed to pictures of the First Lady not looking like her usual self during visits to Europe and the UK, a Puerto Rico press conference by POTUS made all the difference.

During that particular press gathering, Mr Trump pointed out the presence of his wife even though she was standing in clear view of the cameras, saying : ‘My wife, Melania, who happens to be right here.’

But now, conspirators say that the obvious presence of a ‘Melania double’ was confirmed over the weekend by the First Couple’s visit to tornado struck Alabama.

They claim that Ms Trump has her own double in the form of a secret service agent who looks like her and can stand in for her.


Only difference is that the secret service agent the conspiracy theorists claim is being used is in fact smaller than Melania herself.



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